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Annville is a township located in Lebanon County just east of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Annville is rather small, but it has a wonderful history and local charm that can’t be overlooked. Bennett Pre-Owned of Lebanon is a part of the Bennett Automotive Group that has served the central Pennsylvania area, including Annville, for over 70 years.

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History of Annville, Pennsylvania

Before the area known as Annville was settled by European immigrants, it was a popular hunting ground for various Native American groups. The territory that later became Annville was a part of the large expanse of land purchased from the Native Americans by William Penn in 1736. The first European settlers in the area, who built various log cabins to establish their community, were mainly of Scotch-Irish descent. The development of this small community in the Lebanon Valley, known to be desirable for its fertile land and hunting grounds, attracted a large number of German immigrants from New York and the Palatinate. German would actually become and remain the dominant language in the area until the mid 1800s. In 1845, the township was divided into two parts, North Annville and South Annville. The area that came to be known as the new Annville Township was established as an entity apart from the areas designated as North and South Annville in 1908. It was and is still located between the two directional halves of the old township and is considered to be its own separate township. The establishment of this new Annville as a separate township was instrumental in creating and securing a sound government for the area.

The township grew substantially with the introduction of the Berks and Dauphin Turnpike in 1817 and later with the establishment of the Lebanon Valley Railroad in 1857. Annville was an agricultural town with various related businesses such as blacksmiths, millers, and weavers connected to the cotton industry that thrived there. There were also a multitude of bakeries including Heilman Brothers, Fink’s, Shenk’s, and the Pennway. In 1895 the A. S. Kreider Shoe Factory was built and resulted in an influx of new employment opportunities. Annville continues to thrive today due to revitalization efforts that began in 1995 and carried through to the early 2000s.

  Bennett Pre-Owned of Lebanon is a Car Dealership in Lebanon near Annville, PA | Railroad Cutting Through Woods In Pennsylvania
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  Bennett Pre-Owned of Lebanon is a Car Dealership in Lebanon near Annville, PA | Farmland in Pennsylvania

Food and Entertainment in Annville

Despite its smaller size, Annville offers a variety of entertainment and an abundance of small town charm. Interested in locally-grown produce and hand-made goodies? Check out the Risser-Marvel Farm Market, and you won’t be disappointed. You may also enjoy the natural beauty of Quittie Creek Nature Park. It’s a great place to hike with friends or family and enjoy the local wildlife. If you are looking to explore the unique cultural and historical aspects of Annville, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum. You may also enjoy the unique architecture of the Indiantown Gap National Cemetery. There are also two annual ceremonies around Memorial Day and Veterans Day to honor the many veterans that have been laid to rest there. One thing that is an absolute must-see in Annville is the Allen Theatre and Backstage Cafe. The theater was reopened in 1995 as a part of the revitalization efforts for the town. It is very popular amongst the locals and a great example of the town’s cultural charm. As far as food and drinks go, some great local eateries include J & S Pizza, Corvette Grille, and Rotunda Restaurant & Brewery. In addition to those wonderful dining experiences, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee at Swatara Coffee Company. Annville also offers a local wine tasting experience at Adams Vintners right on Main Street. There is plenty to do and see in this lovely little town.

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Fun Facts About Annville

  • The town of Annville was originally called Millerstown after Andrew Miller who had a hand in laying out the plans for the development of the new town. It was later changed to Annville. Local lore states that the name change is believed to be in honor of Miller’s wife, Ann. Others believe it may also be a tribute to Great Britain’s Queen Anne who supported the German Palatines that made up much of the initial settlers in Annville.
  • The first co-ed college in Pennsylvania was started in 1866. It was called Lebanon Valley College and it replaced the Annville Academy when it was bought by the United Brethren Church.
  • The Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum was built in 1941. It resides in Annville and houses a variety of weapons and other items used in events ranging from the Civil War to the Gulf War. It also showcases many aspects of American history.


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